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Beer League Pro Tip: Centre and D-Men Defensive Unit

Beer League Pro Tip: Centre and D-Men Defensive Unit

February 17, 2014 |  by  |  Sports  |  No Comments

This series of whiteboards isn’t intended to offer much help to the player who’s had much or any coaching. Instead, the aim is to teach some of the fundamentals of the game, helping beer-leaguers and the like who took up hockey at a later age. This is the third instalment, see parts one and two here:

Beer League Pro Tip (Part 1): Winger D-Zone Responsibility
Beer League Pro Tip (Part 2): Beat Every Goalie and Have Airtight Defence

In this instalment, I explain how the Centre is really a Centre-Defenceman in the Defensive Zone. Together the three D-Men function as a unit, the key part of the box-plus-one D-zone strategy. They form a defensive triangle with a strong foundation covering both sides of the net and a spearpoint that attacks the puck.

What do you think? Do these whiteboards help explain the Centre and Defencemen roles in their own zone?

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