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Beer League Pro Tip: Beat Every Goalie and Have Airtight Defense

February 17, 2014 |  by  |  Sports

This series of whiteboards isn’t intended to offer much help to the player who’s had much or any coaching. Instead, the aim is to teach some of the fundamentals of the game, helping beer-leaguers and the like who took up hockey at a later age. This is the second instalment, see parts one and three here:

Beer League Pro Tip (Part 1): Winger D-Zone Responsibility
Beer League Pro Tip (Part 3): Centre and D-Men Defensive Unit

Hopefully this series shows relative beginners where the real danger areas are in the attacking/defending zone.
It should also shine a bit of light onto the two types of saves the Goaltender has to make: Reaction and Blocking. Knowing the difference between a Reaction Save and Blocking save (and when you’ll see each) is very valuable on both Offence and Defence.

On Offence, if you can force the goalie to make more Blocking Saves, you’re going to score more. On defence, if you know where the dangerous areas are, you’re better equipped to prioritize your defence and get scored on less.

What do you think? Do these whiteboards make it a little more clear where the most dangerous area on the ice is?

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